Activated Filter Media

Is drinking water safe in the USA?

AFM could be used in an industrial town in the USA to vastly improve its water quality, lower costs and save its crumbling economy. In the town of Flint, Michigan in the USA April 2014, the Local council decided to switch its municipal water source and chaos ensued. A mere 60 miles from the...

Gerber baby food factory: food industry case study

Activated Filter Media (AFM) is used by the food industry worldwide to produce higher quality water while lowering operating costs. It played a crucial role in improving water quality at Gerber’s baby food factory in Costa Rica. The problem The...
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AFM-treated drinking water in Cáceres, Spain: case study

Activated Filter Media (AFM) was used successfully by Dryden Aqua to treat municipal drinking water in the cities of Herreruela and Carcaboso in Cáceres, Spain. The problem The water, sourced from tube wells, contained levels of both arsenic and...
afm treated drinking water cáceres spain case study

Chiquita banana packing plant: food industry case study

Activated Filter Media (AFM) is used by the food industry worldwide in a variety of applications, such as at Chiquita’s banana packing plant in Panama. Here Dryden Aqua put in place a tailor-made system to treat the water used at the facility,...
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Waste water treatment case study: Ford

Activated Filter Media (AFM) is used by major industries worldwide to ensure efficient and cost-effective treatment of waste water. At the Ford Motors factory in Essex, UK, AFM has been used successfully for over 15 years to treat industrial...
waste water treatment case study ford

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