High efficiency air diffuser

Typical Applications

  • Landfill leachate SBR biological treatment
  • Agriculture waste water treatment
  • Aeration of sewerage effluent
  • Destratification of lakes, lagoons and reservoirs
  • Reduction of THM’s in lagoons and reservoirs
  • Aquaculture aeration
  • Extended diffused aeration of lagoon, lakes and wetlands

Air Diffuser Specifications

  • Tubular diffuser, 0.33m to 3.0m in length
  • Semi flexible construction allows variations in design and implementation
  • Perfect aeration and mixing of wastewater in reservoirs, lakes and lagoons, for example, for algae minimization
  • Very efficient aeration of plastic lined excavated lagoons & biological processes for example - Sequential Batch Reactors (SBR)
  • Less than 3 psi pressure differential
  • Oxygen transfer up to 5 kg/kwhr
  • Very easy to clean and maintain
high efficiency air diffuser

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