AFM® Activated Filter Media

Typical Applications

  • Municipal drinking water plants
  • Municipal waste water plants
  • Pre-filtration prior to desalination (SDI typically>3)
  • Replacement of UF
  • Energy and power plant
  • Industrial process water

AFM Specifications

  • The only activated glass filter media
  • Very hydrophilic electrically charged surface
  • High surface catalytic oxidation potential
  • Self sterilising (will not biofoul, reduces legionella risk)
  • Certified for drinking water under UK Reg 31 and international NSF50/61
  • AFM exceeds the standard BSEN12902 & BSEN12904
  • AFM exceeds European Water directive (98/83/EC) & (80/778/EEC)
  • Electro-mechanical filtration media, working as a molecular sieve
  • 30% better performance than sand, 100% better than crushed glass media - independently verified by IFTS
  • Manufactured under ISO9001-2008 quality system
AFM® water filtration for a secure high quality water supply

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