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Aqua Solutions are a vibrant new company set up to become an integral part of the momentum to improve water quality and water process efficiencies across Hong Kong and China. Working across all major water sectors from municipal drinking water to desalination plants Aqua Solutions’ philosophy is to strive to provide higher quality water at lower cost.

Our partnership with UK based Dryden Aqua and our head office location provides the ideal platform to promote the unique AFM-Activated Filter Media- across the region. AFM is an award winning sustainable product, made from recycled glass, that replaces old contaminated sand in most types of municipal and industrial water filters.

AFM has been proven to remove more contaminants than sand while using less chemicals and energy so offers an efficient solution to a growing challenge.

Solutions we offer include:

  • Design & Consultancy Service
  • Bulk supply of AFM filtration media

The advantages of using AFM® include -

  • Exceeds the performance of sand by filtering at least 30% more organics
  • Certified to NSF50/61 as safe for use with drinking water
  • More cost effective in operation than sand
  • Direct replacement for sand
  • Cheaper and easier to use than normal UF when used as a pre-treatment before membranes
  • Manufactured under ISO 9001-2008 standards
  • Lasts the lifetime of the filter
  • Suitable for use with drinking water, municipal wastewater and industrial process water
  • No biofilm means no mudballing or channeling within the media bed

We are the primary distributor of Dryden Aqua products, including the unique AFM which offers double the performance of any sand filter & 100% better than crushed glass media.

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Design Services

We offer an initial design and consultancy service to help you get your project up and running.

aqua solutions design

Equipment Supply

Equipment is supplied against an agreed delivery schedule as required to meet your project needs.

aqua solutions supply

After Sales Support

Once your project has been installed and commissioned we will still be on hand to support.

aqua solutions support

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