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AFM® Technical Information - Grades and particle size distribution

AFM is provided in 4 different grades. Just like a sand filter you start off with the largest grade on the base of the filter and build up the bed to the finest grade. The particle shape of AFM is tightly controlled to maximise surface...

AFM Technical Information - Efficient and sustainable

AFM is the product of Research carried out by Dryden Aqua over the last 30 years, in association with the UK Government and European Commission under the Life Environment initiative LIF02/ENV/00146. It is manufactured in Scotland, UK...

AFM - instructions for use

Detailed technical specifications for AFM, including shipping and packing information, plus how it is used. Contains instructions for users of how to configure the filter bed for best performance, how to load the product into pressure or...

Destratification of Lakes and Rivers

Diffused aeration is the ideal means of preventing thermal stratification and high surface water temperatures in lakes, and reservoirs. The key is to mix the water column and prevent both thermal and chemical stratification of the water...

Removal of iron manganese & arsenic from ground water

Iron, manganese and arsenic are often found in borehole / tube wells and ground water at varying concentrations depending upon the geology of the ground. The technique developed by Dryden Aqua, utilising the unique properties of AFM, and...

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