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The sustainable solution to producing higher quality water whilst lowering operating costs.

AFM the Circular Economy Filter

Sand filters work well, but there are performance and stability issues attributed to bacterial fouling of the sand which leads to bio-dynamic instability, and transient channelling of unfiltered water through the filter bed and into the...

Removal of lead from drinking water using AFM

Using existing infrastructure, by replacing the sand with AFM and by modification of the chemical pretreatment strategy, existing pressure or RGF filters with AFM become an effective means of lead control in municipal drinking water...

IFTS Report

This report summarises the performance test results of AFM, quartz sand and other glass filter media commonly found on the market. All work was conducted by IFTS (Institut de la Filtration et des Techniques Séparatives )...

AFM® Technical Information - Grades and particle size distribution

AFM is provided in 4 different grades. Just like a sand filter you start off with the largest grade on the base of the filter and build up the bed to the finest grade. The particle shape of AFM is tightly controlled to maximise surface...

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