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AFM is the product of Research carried out by Dryden Aqua over the last 30 years, in association with the UK Government and European Commission under the Life Environment initiative LIF02/ENV/00146. It is manufactured in Scotland, UK.

AFMis an amorphous alumino-silicate, manufactured by up-cycling post-consumer green glass bottles, in a dedicated factory designed and operated specifically to produce activated glass, water filtration media. The glass is processed to a high standard, progressing through a physical and chemical stage to increase the metal ion catalytic activity, and density of surface hydroxyl groups. Surface area is also increased from 3,000m2 per tonne to over 1.0 million m2 per tonne for surface adsorption reactions.

AFM is manufactured and offered as a direct replacement for filter sand and can be used in most types and designs of sand filter. The one exception is slow bed sand filters operating as biological filters at filtration velocities of less than 0.2m/hr. AFM rejects the growth of biofilm and as such, it is not suitable for use in slow bed sand filters.

AFM however, is a great deal more than a substitute for sand, it is 100% sustainable, will last for the life of the filter, it will perform at least 30% better than sand and it will adsorb organics. The UK Carbon trust and Oakdene Hollins, consultants to the water industry, confirm an ROI of typically, less than 18 months.

AFM will not biofoul, the bed will not coagulate and there will be no worm-hole channelling. The activated surface of AFM will selectively adsorb organics and selective heavy metals (ferric, manganese chromium) and metaloids (arsenic) from the water. AFM does not have the capacity of activated carbon, however, every time it is back-washed with water it is completely regenerated. Regeneration of carbon meanwhile is a complex process requiring significant energy and/or chemicals.

AFM will remove selected priority substance from water by adsorption. Research is on-going with AFM to improve the selective molecular sieve adsorption of different chemicals from water.

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