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How AFM saves money

Summarized why replacing quartz sand by AFM in traditional water filter plant will help you to save money. “Taking into account all spend on chemicals in a typical WTP, the overall cost for operation of a sand filter is an estimated £376,...

Water filtration with sand or AFM®

Because a filter filled with AFM cannot provide a home to colonies of bacteria, it is an ideal medium for pre-filtration prior to a salt water reverse osmosis membrane filtration system. In such cases, the silt density index (SDI) is 50...

Biofouling & pre-treatment prior to membranes using AFM

AFM is the perfect filtration media for drinking water as well as waste water treatment, and when used as a pre-treatment it will out-perform membranes and diatomaceous earth to protect RO membranes from particulate matter down to sub-...

SHARKLET microbial surface technology

Healthcare professionals use a variety of tools to combat dangerous infections. These include: · Personal maintenance – Washing your hands, using hand sanitizer, avoiding contact with eyes and face · Antibiotics – Powerful medications that...

Cryptosporidium parasite protection for our drinking water by AFM filtration

IFTS, Institut de la Filtration et des Techniques séparatives in France 2016 evaluated the performance of AFM grade 0 for the removal of 4 micron particles from water. The results confirmed that AFM grade 0 would provide a log3 reduction...

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