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Zeta Potential, AFM® and water quality

If you have a solution of small particles such as a colloidal suspension of clay, or an oil colloidal suspension like milk or even red blood cells, all of the particles have a surface electrical charge. Normally the charge is negative, and when the...
Zeta Potential, AFM and water quality

Installation of air diffusers in a lagoon or tank

Dryden Aqua air diffusers are ideal suited for installation in tanks or lagoons or virtually any size or configuration. The air blowers should be positive displacement roots type blowers with an air delivery pressure of up to 1bar. If the water...
 Lagoon aeration

AFM® and the GOES Foundation (Global Oceanic Environmental Survey)

AFM was invented by Dr Howard Dryden. Dr Dryden is also the founder of the GOES Foundation. Dr Dryden is a Marine Biologist with a PhD in molecular sieve ion exchange filtration and is one of the leading authorities on Aquarium and Aquaculture life...
Scientific studies quantify that the burning of fossil fuels only accounts for between 1% and a maximum of 5% of all the CO2 emissions into the atmosphere

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