Shifting from Sand: Time for a change

Sand has long been used as a medium in water filtration. Ancient Egyptians used rudimentary sand filter to purify water for consumption and the Romans used sand filters to ensure clean water to their bathhouses. Sand is still used widely today because obviously does have decent water filtration properties, also it is very cheap and highly abundant. But with amount of technological advance we have had just in recent years, why is it that we are still using the same filter media uses in ancient Rome? Surely there are more effective methods, right?


We at Aqua Solutions group have shown that when compared to sand, Activated Filter Media far outperforms sand as a filtration medium and also significantly reduce cost over the lifespan of the filtration unit. (for details please click here)The science speaks for itself, AFM is a superior substrate. The problem lies therefore not in the science or the mechanics or installation but rather with our way of thinking. We do things the way we do them because it is the way that we have always done them.


Modern sand water filtration has been around for hundreds of years. In 1627 Sir Francis Bacon pioneered experiments or purifying seawater for drinking. In 1804 and engineer from Paisley, Scotland implemented the first purification of a municipal water supply. In 1855 the Metropolis Water Act was implemented in London using sand filtration techniques and the movement spread across Europe. The United States only implemented water filtration standards into federal law after the second world war and it was not until 1974 that these standards were adopted by all 50 states.


Obviously technology has come a long way since the time of the ancient Egyptians, and very few would doubt that it has increased exponentially over the last 50 years. So why is it what our water filtration techniques and philosophies have changed very little in that same time frame?


Let’s look at some of the things that were common place just a few short decades ago that are considered unacceptable by today’s standards.

Christmas decorations in the 1950's were made with asbestos

Ladies used a clothes iron to straighten their hair.

Car Seat Belts were considered optional until 1983.

In the UK before 1965 it was legal to drink and drive

Up until the 1990's people used to smoke on airplanes.

Children's chemistry sets included explosive compounds such as Ammonium nitrate, and other dangerous substance such as sodium cyanide and uranium dust.

The idea of the electric car was i think of science fiction and its developers were mocked and ridiculed. Now or roads a filled with electric and hybrid vehicles.


As our research and case studies have shown, AFM is a superior product. Sand based filters are relic of the past. It’s time for us to change the way we think about water filtration and its time for us to bring water filtration out of the dark ages, leave sand behind and move into the future with AFM.


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