China water law 1989

It's no secret that China's water supply requires improvements. The government knows it, the citizens of China know it all too well and people thousands of miles away, some of whom couldn’t point to china on a map, know it. It’s been said of course that its nowhere near as bad as some third world African countries. “At least they have water” is often the indignant outcry. But like any resource, it is only as valuable as it is useful.  Millions of tonnes of water flow down the Yang Tse every day but it is so heavily polluted, that not an ounce of it is suitable for domestic use. And like every other sad state of affairs, those in and around it ask “how did it come to this…?”

Human nature takes over and quite soon the lament turns into a frantic search for someone or something to blame, and more often than not the spinning wheel of finger pointing lands in one place; the government. “It’s the governments fault that we don’t have… it’s because of the government that we don’t have enough… the government is supposed to protect us from…” No man or woman alive has never heard uttered, nor themselves uttered those words.

No one can deny that a government overseeing one quarter of the planets population should not bear some responsibility. We could be forgiven for being outraged had they not set forth laws and policies to protect us from such a situation. Ironically, the very entity that most would seek to blame gave its people a roadmap over 25 years ago.

In 1989 the Chinese government published the China Water
Law and in it set out specific guidelines for water conservation and waste water management. Many of the issues that environmentalists and economists discuss regarding water conservation were already written back in 1989. In fact, upon reading the law, and not knowing the source, you could be forgiven for thinking it was some new reform legislation.

The rationale on which the law was based is rock solid and is still as true today as it was in 1989. So then what happened? Well, quite simply as a society we didn’t listen. Like a child we were instructed by our parents about right and wrong, we chose wrong. And like any good parent would, the government is bound by duty to to reinstruct its children and if they again don’t listen, impose harsher punishment for noncompliance.

That is the situation we find ourselves in today. Mother china has had enough and multimillion RMB penalties are being lashed out to those major offenders. Fortunately, we don’t just have the what not to do list, we have set guidelines that elaborate on the 1989 law, rectifying the situation.  The government points to advanced processes and technology, such as those offered by Aqua Solutions Group to stop the worsening of the situation. Products like AFM, activated filter media, are in line with the government's vision for a china with an abundant, renewable and reusable water supply


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