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Shifting from Sand: Time for a change

Sand has long been used as a medium in water filtration. Ancient Egyptians used rudimentary sand filter to purify water for consumption and the Romans used sand filters to ensure clean water to their bathhouses. Sand is still used widely today because obviously does have decent water filtration...

Legionella Outbreak Control by Activated Filter Media AFM

AFM has proven to be effective against strains of Legionella, in swimming pools, building water systems and cooling towers; it is a safe and inexpensive method of controlling outbreaks of the disease in conditions where it would otherwise cause devastating effects. Legionella is a highly...

China water law 1989

It's no secret that China's water supply requires improvements. The government knows it, the citizens of China know it all too well and people thousands of miles away, some of whom couldn’t point to china on a map, know it. It’s been said of course that its nowhere near as bad as some third world...

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