Landfill case study: Stirling

Stirling Landfill SiteActivated Filter Media (AFM) is used successfully at landfill sites worldwide in the treatment of waste water.

At this landfill site in Stirling, Scotland, the landfill leachate contained high levels of organic materials and ammonia. Leachate can be defined as a liquid that passes through landfill which contains high concentrations of undesirable material. If not managed appropriately, it can cause major problems for landfills and causes a significant threat to surface water and groundwater.

At the Stirling site, the effluent was contaminating nearby water sources, as well as creating an odour issue that was affecting neighbouring communities.

Dryden Aqua was able to provide a full biological wastewater treatment plant, specifically designed for the site and using AFM to remove residual organic and mineral matter.

Stirling logoThe result was a significant reduction in ammonia, chemical oxygen demand (COD), biological oxygen demand (BOD) and total suspended solids (TSS). The odour issues were minimized resulting in reduced complaints from the local area.

After the success of this project similar AFM effluent filtration systems were installed in other sites across the UK.

AFMleachateBiological Oxygen DemandTotal Suspended Solids

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