AFM-treated drinking water in Cáceres, Spain: case study

afm treated drinking water cáceres spain case studyActivated Filter Media (AFM) was used successfully by Dryden Aqua to treat municipal drinking water in the cities of Herreruela and Carcaboso in Cáceres, Spain.

The problem

The water, sourced from tube wells, contained levels of both arsenic and iron that were well above the accepted standards.

The solution

Dryden Aqua, manufacturers of AFM, designed a customized solution for the region, using air diffusers for aeration and oxidation, followed by pH elevation, coagulation and filtration using AFM. Then a final stage of oxidation ensured the water was ready for safe consumption.

AFM is made from recycled glass, and because it is a man-made product the particle size and shape can be altered to optimise its filtration capability.  Its large surface area and high negative charge dramatically increases its ability to adsorb particles from solution, including heavy metals and priority chemicals. 

The results

These qualities made AFM the ideal solution for treating the water in this area. In Herreruela, for example, before treatment iron levels in the water were at 4.48 mg/l. After treatment they were recorded at 0.14 mg/l. Arsenic levels were reduced from 45 ug/l to <0.14 ug/l.

Activated Filter Mediacoagulation

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